What does success mean to us and how can we find our own path towards it?

Success feels like a loaded word, doesn’t it? For many, it conjures images of big houses, corner offices and bottles of champagne being popped in jubilant celebration. Society has cast success in a particular light, linking it with money and material wealth.

For some, this idea of success works. It motivates them and encourages them, and if this is you – keep doing what you’re doing. For anyone who it’s not working for, however, let’s look at success in a different light.

Journaling prompts for success

Below are a few journaling prompts to help you understand what success means to you and how you can take those first steps towards your own definition.

1. What comes up for you when you think about the word ‘success’?

Starting with how you currently view success can help you see if you want to make any changes or if your current definition feels right for you.

2. Looking back at your life so far, what moments/events felt successful to you?

Reflecting on how success has shown up for you in life so far is an excellent way of identifying what it’s meant to you up until now.

3. Did anyone else have any involvement with these moments/events feeling successful?

For example, did a parent, teacher, older sibling or other authority figure define what success meant to you when you were younger? Seeking out external influences can help you see how your definition of success has been shaped, and by whom.

4. Is your current definition of success working for you?

Do you feel motivated and inspired by it, or does it leave you feeling deflated and unworthy?

5. What would you like success to mean to you?

What would success look like if we removed other people’s definitions and made our own? Could it mean looking after ourselves? Creating community? Following our curiosities? Doing work that feels fulfilling? Enjoying a simple life? Try using a spider diagram here, writing the word success in the centre and any ideas or definitions around it.

6. What first steps can you take to reach this new definition of success?

If there is something you want to strive for to feel your new definition of success, what small steps can you take? Remember, you don’t have to have the whole journey mapped out, just the first step.

7. Who will be your success supporters?

Who in your life will support you on this journey to your newly defined success? If you think you’d benefit from professional support, learn more about what success coaching could offer.

Journaling techniques to support success

Sharing more about how journaling can help with success, life coach Tamara Draycott shares five journaling techniques in 5 top tips for journaling for success. The techniques recommended include gratitude journaling, stream-of-consciousness writing, affirmations, goal setting and evening reflection. In the article, Tamara explores how each technique works to support your journey to success.

Ultimately, the more aware we become of what success means to us and how we can reach it, the more intention and energy we give the journey – and journaling can be an incredible tool to do this.