Set the mood with these cosy, uplifting songs for your autumn playlist

Flickering tea lights, steaming hot drinks, piles of blankets, and crunchy walks over fallen leaves – the word 'autumn' conjures up a variety of seasonal delights. And while the darker seasons can come with wellbeing challenges – such as seasonal affective disorder, or ‘winter blues’ – it also offers us the chance to ‘get cosy’, something that prompts strong feelings of belonging, safety, and relaxation.

We all know just how powerful music can be when it comes to setting a mood. So, we’ve gathered together 10 of our favourite cosy songs, to help you create an uplifting, homey vibe this autumn.

1. ‘Flightless Bird, American Mouth’, Iron and Wine

You may be thinking, can a song about lost love and forgotten dreams really be described as ‘cosy’? The answer? When it’s by Iron and Wine, absolutely. Be carried by the swing of this song, and lifted by the beautiful harmonies.

2. ‘’Tis Autumn’, Nat King Cole Trio

The title says it all, really. The perfect track to sit back and take a breather, or to lull you through a cosy catch-up with a loved one, the soothing tones of Nat King Cole never fail to set the mood.

3. ‘Meet Me in the Woods’, Lord Huron

OK, let’s bring the energy levels back up a bit. ‘Meet Me in the Woods’ has that driving beat that takes you straight back to road trips down orange and golden country roads, combined with a wistfulness that is so in tune with this time of year.

4. ‘Buckets of Rain’, Bob Dylan

A love song picking up on, and celebrating, all the tiny details that endure one lover to another – a reminder that the small, everyday things can be so special. On rainy days, this is the perfect track to ponder on.

5. ‘Witching Hour’, TOPS

No autumn playlist would be complete without something a little bit spooky, would it? Of course, ‘Witching Hour’ by TOPS has a lot more depth to it, and explores the pressure to be feminine, and taps into the revival of witchcraft in the 21st century, and the celebration of feminine power.

6. ‘Dinner Table’, Nina Nesbitt

An ode to family and the simple pleasure of being in each other's company, take this track as a prompt to gather together with your loved ones this season – and, when in doubt, to take things back to basics.

7. ‘White Winter Hymnal’, Fleet Foxes

Alright, we know the title might suggest this song is more suited for your winter playlist, but seeing as Fleet Foxes are, without a doubt, the unofficial soundtrack of every cosy day, how could we resist adding this one in?

8. ‘If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out’, Yusuf/Cat Stevens

Any track by Yusuf/Cat Stevens will immediately set the mood for a cosy, calm environment. And this particular track comes with the reminder of the things that you have control over – something that’s worth considering from time to time.

9. ‘October Skies’, Mumford and Sons

The weather at this time of year, and everything it evokes, is something songwriters, poets, and artists just can’t get enough of. And ‘October Skies’ is another example of how the natural world around us translates into music.

10. ‘Autumn Town Leaves’, Iron and Wine

We know, we know – another Iron and Wine track. But, truly, no autumn playlist would be complete without ‘Autumn Town Leaves’. Working through a series of familiar autumn scenes and images, switch this one on if you’re ready to fully embrace the season.