Capture the fun and practicality of a PE class from the comfort of your own home

With the ‘stay at home’ message firmly in place, and the temperature dropping to an icy level, we’re all looking for new ways to do things. Staying fit and healthy is a priority for a lot of us, and is particularly important when you consider the host of wellbeing and mental health benefits that comes with regular exercise.

Beyond that, exercise can be a welcome distraction from day-to-day stress, and an effective way to get rid of all that pent up energy children have aplenty. Doing a class together as a family is a good way to set an example to younger children, and to teach them about the importance of caring for your wellbeing – and, also, those last five star jumps seem marginally easier when you’re all in it together.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best virtual exercise classes that are suitable for the whole family.

1. Retroglow

Unite the generations with these fitness sessions which use retro workouts and dance classes to get you moving. Join weekly live classes or tune-in to pre-recorded classes at a time that suits you. These sessions are all about putting a smile on your face while also working up a sweat, and make for a great alternative to formulaic exercise.

Sessions start from £3.50, visit

2. Babywearing workouts

Do you have a baby of ‘wearable’ size? Then ‘babywearing’ workouts could be just the thing you’re looking for if you want to slot in some exercise while keeping your little one nearby. There are a host of videos available for free to watch on YouTube, many of which will include safety tips for properly strapping your baby in.

3. Pushchair workouts

Baby too big to carry? Don’t fear, pushchair workouts are here to help you out. Of course, going for long strolls with the pushchair is a fantastic way to ease yourself into an active lifestyle, but there are plenty of things that you can do at home, too. This exercise class from Bodyfit by Amy is a perfect example of how you can turn a pushchair into exercise equipment, all while including your little one, and keeping them stimulated.

4. PE with Joe

Of course, we couldn’t write a guide to virtual exercise classes without including the nation’s ‘favourite PE teacher’. At the beginning of lockdown in March 2020, Joe Wicks began offering free virtual PE lessons each day. All the classes are now available on his YouTube and are perfect for the whole family.

5. Kids Love Yoga, family yoga virtual classes

Health and fitness don’t always have to be about working up a sweat. The virtual family yoga classes from Kids Love Yoga are the perfect way to embrace some mindfulness while moving your body, and they’re specifically designed for the whole family to enjoy together.

Try your first class for free, visit