Discover women in STEM at the top of their games, sharing their work on social media

You gotta see it to be it. Or at least, when you see someone who looks, thinks, and sounds like you doing the things that you aspire to be, it makes it a whole lot easier to chart your own course.

Currently, girls make up just 35% of students taking STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects at school and in higher education, and only 22% of the industry workforce. But this is changing, as more and more women step into the spotlight to take up the space that they deserve.

Looking to follow more women in science, or curious about the day-to-day of STEM roles? We’ve found eight women to follow right now.

Dr Claire Murray – @drclairemurray

A chemist interested in powder diffraction and small molecule crystallography, Claire knows her stuff. Follow her for snapshots of her work, signposts to other women in science, and mathematical mischief.

Amy Atwater – @mary_annings_revenge

Amy fell in love with palaeontology after spending her summers at the John Day Follsil Beds National Monument in Oregon, USA. Now the palaeontology collections registrar at Museum of the Rockies, Montana, she shares her passion for the field on her social media feed. Get ready for some fearsome prehistoric snaps!

Dr Janet Iwasa – @janetiwasa

As well as being an assistant professor in biochemistry at the University of Utah, Janet has also created award-winning illustrations and animations that have appeared in scientific journals and museum exhibitions alike. Follow her for a glimpse at these stunning creations.

Christine Liu – @christineliuart

Neuroscience PhD candidate Christine brings together art and science seamlessly with her stunning Instagram feed featuring her original drawings. Fill your timeline with her delicate sketches that both educate and inspire.

Dr Aoibhinn Ní Shúillebháin – @aoibhinn_ni_s

Assistant professor at University Collge Dublin and director of Maths and Science Teacher Education at UCD Science, Aoibhinn is making waves in closing the STEM gender gap.

Dr Jennifer Gunter – @DrJenGunter

In Jennifer’s own words, ‘Come for the sex, stay for the science.’ The gynaecologist and bestselling author of The Vagina Bible is here to bust some myths and ensure that everyone’s educated on what’s going on down-under.

Dr. Musonda Mumba – @MumbaMusondam

Biochemist Musonda brings together science and art to explore the challenges we face today. Her passion for her subject and visions for the future are infectious, follow her to stay in the know.

Dr. Kristen – @kaydubsthehikingscientist

Follow plant pathologist Kristen on Instagram and she promises that you will learn something new every day. And if that wasn’t enough, she also has a hiking kitty who accompanies her on adventures.

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