We speak to quantum transformation and embodiment coach Suzy Ashworth about money mindset during a pandemic

There are lots of different things we’re navigating during the coronavirus pandemic. Aside from health concerns and being apart from loved ones, the economic impact has been difficult for many. Some have lost their jobs, others are having to pivot their businesses. Almost all of us have had to change the way we work.

The financial pressure that’s been put on many of us is only building. If you already have a poor relationship with money, chances are this is only exacerbating the situation. When money feels scarce, it can be easy to look at it in a negative light, burying our heads in the sand rather than tackling the situation head-on. This in itself can make matters worse and the cycle continues.

Is there anything we can do then to improve our relationship with money and adjust our money mindset?

It’s important to highlight here that as powerful as mindset is, there are external factors at play. It would be irresponsible to claim that mindset was the only thing holding us all back, especially during a pandemic. However, for many of us, it’s a key area that when we adjust, opens up a world of possibility.

To find out more about the steps we can take to gain control over our finances and improve our money mindset, we speak to quantum transformation and embodiment coach Suzy Ashworth. Self-confessed believer in miracles, Suzy’s work incorporates science, strategies and spirit to support female entrepreneurs.

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When I talk about the frequency of creation, what I am really talking about is our relationship with the Universe, the magic that lies in every plant, tree, flower, sunrise, full moon, ocean and everything in between. It’s about knowing every time we see the wind moving the leaves of the trees, or the shoots of a new flower forcing its way up through the earth that that miracle does not exist alongside or outside of us. It IS us. And that, US, is not just you, or me, as an individual, it is unity. Unification . That we are infinitely and inextricably linked to all that is, by the universal energy of creation. Most of the time we forget that. Which is why we spend time grasping for allofthethings that sit outside of ourselves. Believing in the lie that we are not enough. When the real invitation is to remember that we ARE that miracle. We are whole. We are enough. And from that space, use that energy of creation to amplify our enoughness. Our light. Our magical nature. Our most abundant selves. From that space we get to play. Doesn’t that thought of that feel just freaking delicious? Faith + Action = Miracles P.S The Wealth Frequency Playbook is open and is all about activating your creation frequency specifically in relation to wealth. If you want to play, the link is in the bio.

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Hi Suzy, can you share with us what mindset blocks do you find come up most commonly when it comes to money?

When it comes to money mindset there are many, many blocks. Here are a couple of the most common blocks: That it's unsavoury to talk about money. This is so unhelpful when it comes to people, especially women, creating an intimate relationship with money, which is definitely what is required when it comes to allowing more into your life.

The other is that rich people are greedy and have taken advantage of those who are less fortunate in order to get ahead. The truth is there are good and bad people who have plenty and there are good and bad people who have less. If you are someone with morals and values that doesn't have to change when you have more money.

If someone is struggling with their money mindset, especially under the current circumstances, what initial steps would you recommend?

It's totally normal to feel concerned about how money is going to continue flowing, particularly now when there is so much uncertainty. My number one tip is to look at your money. So much concern arises when we don't know how much is coming in, or going out, because the situation feels scary. The easiest way for you to feel a sense of control, and control helps us to feel better, is to get absolute clarity.

This starts with knowing what all of your daily outgoings are, alongside what you are receiving. As scary as that might feel, as soon as you know where you are you can start to make a plan, and having a plan always feels more empowering.

There is a lot of uncertainty and unknowns at the moment due to the pandemic, what advice would you give to anyone feeling stressed about this in regards to their finances?

For those who are self-employed and feeling stressed due to the pandemic, my advice is to ask yourself the question, 'what do my customers need right now?' and see how you can pivot your services to be able to provide a service that people do want and need.

And for those people who are in 9-5 jobs that have been impacted by the pandemic, do not suffer in silence (the same applies to self-employed), speak to the citizen's advice bureaus, contact the businesses you have agreements with and see where you are able to request more time, or additional support to create more time. There is support available.  

And finally, for people who have always relied on their 9-5 jobs who no longer feel security there, there is a remarkable opportunity for people to set up their own businesses right now and whilst becoming self-employed isn't always an easy path, you do get to be in control of when, and how much, you get paid. So for some people right now, this could be an incredible opportunity to look at new sources of income.

The take-away here? We are far more adaptable than we know. If anything, hopefully this experience is teaching us what resources we have within us and when to reach out and ask for help. There’s no easy solution to financial worries, but there are options. Hopefully some suggested here can support you.

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