If you’re feeling lost, detached from your purpose or low on energy, spiritual coaching may be just what you’re looking for

We live in a time when there is an abundance of supportive professionals available to us. Whether we’re looking to change our relationship with food, heal from past events or update our thinking habits, chances are there’s someone out there who can help us.

But what if you’re not totally sure what you need? Perhaps you’ve just been feeling off lately, like you’re not living to your full potential. You know something needs to change, but you can’t put your finger on what.

This is where spiritual coaching can come in, helping you gain clarity and purpose. The term ‘spirituality’ can make us think of religion, and while some spiritual coaches do work in this space, for many it’s simply about connecting to something outside of ourselves.

What can a spiritual coach help with?

We asked inner peace and abundance coach Joana Calado how spiritual coaches can help and these are the areas she highlighted:  

  • feminine/masculine energy balance for optimal alignment and fulfilment
  • higher life purpose and soul agreements
  • spiritual guidance and intuition
  • how to protect your energy from being drained
  • manifesting with the laws of the universe

If there are some terms in there you don’t recognise, don’t worry - let’s take a closer look at what they mean and how a spiritual coach can support you.

Energy balance for optimal alignment

Many spiritual coaches will work with energy, with a goal of balancing your energy to help you achieve your goals and fulfil your purpose. There are thought to be femine and masculine energies within all of us; the masculine energy typically deals with ‘doing’, with the logical mind and being goal-focussed. The feminine energy is believed to deal more with ‘being’, with creativity, intuition and empathy.

By bringing these energies into balance we can enjoy the best both have to offer, giving us the space to be creative and empathetic while taking action towards our goals. A spiritual coach can look at this balance and help you bring energies into alignment.

Higher life purpose and soul agreements

Your higher purpose can be described as a purpose that is beyond yourself. This often means it benefits others and encourages them to grow along with you. The idea behind soul agreements (also called soul contracts) is that before we’re born, our souls make an agreement with others about what they want to learn in human form.

Essentially, this is about uncovering what you want from life, what your true calling may be and what you want to learn during your time on earth. A spiritual coach can help you navigate this, offering reflections and exercises to bring you closer to your answers.  

Spiritual guidance and intuition

Spiritual guidance is all about connecting to a higher wisdom or higher power. This may include using spirit guides or tools like tarot to help you reflect on dilemmas you're facing. Working on your intuition helps you check in with your gut when making decisions, enabling you to make choices that will ultimately serve your purpose.

A spiritual coach can support you here, helping you find your own ways of connecting with a higher power and sharing tools to tune into your intuition.

How to protect your energy from being drained

Our energy can be drained from all sorts of things, from how we spend our time to who we spend it with. Many spiritual coaches will work with you to identify what’s draining your energy so you can protect yourself and ultimately feel more vibrant.

Manifesting with the laws of the universe

Manifestation is the idea that we can use the universal law of attraction to bring the things we want into our lives. Your spiritual coach may work with this premise, helping you learn more about manifestation, what’s possible and how it might help you live the life you truly want.

Is spiritual coaching right for me?

If the ideas discussed above resonated with you, you may be wondering if spiritual coaching is the right approach for you. The best way to explore this is to reach out to a spiritual coach to learn more about how they could help you.

Joana said those who fit in the following categories would be well suited to this type of coaching:

  • People with an open mind to invisible forces such as energy and intuition, and those with an interest in exploring their spirituality even if they are not necessarily religious.
  • People working on discovering their life purpose.
  • High achievers that are burnt out, feel stuck and would like to try a more holistic approach.
  • People looking to manifest their best aligned life, connecting to their intuition, with the law of attraction.

Sound like you? You can use Life Coach Directory to search for a spiritual coach and start your journey today.