Do you need something quick and easy to turn to in moments of stress to help calm you down? Kat Nicholls shares some quick techniques you can use to calm your mind and move forward

We know how it can feel when stress piles up and overwhelm sets in. Content Creator at Happiful, Kat Nicholls, shares some of her favourite techniques to help calm your mind.

1. Five-finger breathing

Five-finger breathing is often used as a mindful exercise for children, but honestly, we think it's something we can all benefit from. The aim of this is to use your finger to trace your hand and slowly breathe in as you travel up, and breathe out as you move down. Really focus on the sensations. Notice how it feels on your skin, the way the air feels travelling through your body, and see how you feel after.

Follow along as Kat demonstrates her calming techniques in this video.

2. Tune into touch  

Tip number two is to tune into touch. This is another super simple exercise using just your hands. Simply rub your thumb and forefinger together, focusing on the tiny grooves and texture of your finger. The idea with this is to pull you from a stressed or anxious state and bring you into your body and into the present moment.

This is also great because you can do it discreetly any time when you need a little bit of grounding.

3. Listen to low-frequency music

Try listening to music with low-frequency sound waves, and binaural beats. This type of music can actually slow our brainwaves and induce a feeling of calm. Try searching on Spotify or YouTube to find something you like or make your own playlist to calm you down and turn to it any time you need it.

4. Have a laugh

Number four is to find something to laugh about. Laughter has amazing health benefits, including reducing stress. So do your best to find something or someone to make you laugh. Maybe this means watching a funny video on YouTube. Perhaps there's someone you can call who's guaranteed to make you laugh. Either way, being able to laugh reminds us of the lighter moments in life.

5. Look up

Finally, tip number five is to simply look up. Sometimes we need something to help us put our worries into perspective, and often looking up at the sky can help with this. Noticing the sky and remembering our place on this planet and the universe can inspire a sense of awe, which often relaxes us a little. So try zooming out for a bit and considering if what you're worrying about is truly as big as it seems.

And of course, if it is as big as it seems and you're struggling to cope, you may benefit from talking to a professional. Learn more about how stress and anxiety can affect us, and find a therapist who can help on Happiful.

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