Let’s explore the topic of resilience further in our exhale podcast episode

For the first conversation on Happiful: Finding What Works, we explored resilience with coach Alex Pett and F1 journalist Lawrence Barretto. We discussed the true nature of resilience, common misconceptions and the skills needed to develop a more resilient mindset.

This week, for the exhale episode, we’re sharing some journaling prompts to reflect on your resilience. Listen to this when you can take a moment to either pause and think about your responses or, if possible, journal about them.

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Kat: Hello everyone, and welcome to the very first Exhale episode. The aim of these is to really follow on from the previous conversation so we can take some space to reflect and take action on what we listened to. Our first conversation was about all things resilience. So, for this episode, I thought we could go through some journaling prompts to help us reflect on resilience a bit more. So, grab a pen and paper or your favourite writing tool of choice, and let's exhale.

I'm going to give you some time in between the journaling prompts to write them down but, of course, please feel free to hit pause so that you can take as long as you want. Something that we learned in our conversation about resilience is that resilience is modelled.

With that in mind, here is the first prompt: Who do you have in your life that helps you to lift any self-imposed limits? And who are your resilience role models?

Next, let's think about our response to challenge. How do you currently respond to life's challenges? How would you like to respond to life's challenges?

We also learned that habits have a really important role to play when it comes to building resilience. With that in mind, what habitual thoughts do you think are having a negative impact on your resilience? How can you flip these? What brain health habits can you start implementing?

Compassion was another area we explored, including self-compassion and community care. So here are a couple of prompts to help us reflect on that. Where in life do you need to show yourself some self-compassion? And finally, how can you start looking out for others?

There we have it. I hope these prompts helped you think a bit more deeply about resilience and some actions you can take moving forward. I'll be back next week with a conversation on friendship but, until then, please take care.