New survey results from national charity The Reading Agency reveals 66% of us would spend more time reading if we spent less time scrolling


To mark World Book Night, The Reading Agency have released their latest findings into our reading habits. Calling us a Notification Nation, they have revealed 72% of 16-24-year-olds and 55% of adults have expressed they feel like they lack self-control, as they cannot stop checking their smartphones.

Nearly a third (31%) of respondents revealed that constant notifications on their smartphones have stopped them from reading, with a further third saying notifications had distracted them whilst watching the TV.

Half (54%) of us are also experiencing phone fatigue, as we struggle to concentrate after spending time scrolling through social media and online using our smartphones. Other reasons respondents gave for not having the time or energy to read included other home pressures, such as looking after children or completing housework.

To help combat our constant need to check our messages and scroll through our social media feels, The Reading Agency is launching A Chapter A Day campaign. Aiming to encourage people across the UK to rebuild their reading habits, previous studies have shown that those who regularly read report fewer feelings of stress than non-readers, whilst experiencing stronger feelings of relaxation than gained through watching television or using tech-based methods of relaxation. Studies have also suggested reading can combat feelings of loneliness

Creative Director at The Reading Agency, Debbie Hecks, said:

“Smartphones can help us connect with others and learn more about the world around us. But this survey shows that many of us struggle to switch off and that this can take a toll on our wellbeing. Reading is the perfect way to disconnect. This doesn’t mean abandoning your smartphone – there are lots of brilliant audiobooks and ebooks that can help you escape into another world.”

The new A Chapter A Day challenge encourages people to make time to read just a few pages of a book each day, building up to one (or more) chapters in the hopes of helping people across the UK build healthier reading habits. Debbie explained:

“A Chapter A Day aims to help people either get into reading, or get back into reading and it’s about finding ways to switch off from the distractions of daily life – from smartphone notifications to the TV - when you want to read.”

To find out more about A Chapter A Day, visit The Reading Agency or discover how you can improve your reading habits now.