Happiful’s May cover star, body positivity and eating disorder recovery advocate Megan Crabbe kicks off Season Two of I am. I have, our mental health podcast

Megan Crabbe joined I am. I have to speak about her huge love of dogs, the amazing bond she has with older sister Gemma, a very special Little Mix film shoot, body positivity and her history with eating disorders and anxiety.

Starting off with her beloved canine chums, Megan told us “I am a dog Mum” sharing that she believes dogs can often be more loving and understanding than humans. She praises the unconditional love of dogs and in particular her own, Topsy and Bella, a cairn terrier “who is feisty as hell” and a cocker spaniel, who she says are “so intuitive”, supporting her in times of anxiety.

"They have been such a huge help for me when I am feeling particularly anxious," she says. “They save me regularly.”

Megan then shares her deep love and special bond with older sister, Gemma. Megan is a caregiver for Gemma, who lives with cereberal palsy. Megan praises Gemma for her confidence and speaks of their mutual love of creating social media content together. This includes a very special moment following a surprise Little Mix film shoot...

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I just want to hold onto this moment for a little longer 💜 not to sound too Hannah Montana-ish, but sometimes it feels like I live in two very different worlds - one where I move in with my sister every weekend to be her carer, sit through Hugh Grant marathons, go food shopping or to the cinema, listen to her play Little Mix on loop and spellcheck her never-ending romance novels. Then there's a second world filled with extraordinary opportunities that Instagram (and you all supporting me here) has allowed me to do. This moment was those two worlds coming together in the most beautiful way, allowing someone I love so much to step into the opposite world, meet her idols and know she belongs there as well. Plus, every time I've asked Gemma how she is since that day, she's said "on top of the world". That's exactly how I feel about it, too. 💜💚💙🌈🌞 •• • [Image description: Megan, Gemma and Ben are posing for a photo with Leigh-Anne, Jesy and Perrie from Little Mix, standing in front of a screen with a picture of the band on it. The second image is Gemma in disbelief with her hand over her face. The third image is Gemma and Megan about to hold hands, smiling.] #littlemix

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Megan's third 'I am' centres on her role as a body postivity advocate, how she came across body positivity around five years ago and her ongoing dedication to spreading the word about how we can view and think about ourselves with love and acceptance.

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"Apologise for my existence less" are the 5 words I wrote down last month when I was thinking about what I want to do with my year. Apologise for my existence less. My body. My voice. My needs. My opinions. My successes. My failures. My joy. My anxiety. Who I am. I refuse to continue to be sorry for these parts of myself. I'm not hiding them, I'm not ashamed of them. Instead, I'm committed to unlearning the idea that I ever should have been ashamed in the first place. I will not apologise for existing. Not anymore. And neither should you. 💜💙💚🌈🌞 • • • [Image description: Megan is sat on a beige sofa wearing a black and pink high waisted bikini with a floral robe draped over her arms. She's next to a window that shows the trees outside and she's smiling softly] #bodypositive #selflove #edrecovery #bodypositivity

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As the podcast draws to an end, Megan shares her 'I have' - speaking about eating disorders and anxiety. Megan notes that she is free from disordered eating and the journey with anxiety is ongoing, something she addresses in regular counselling sessions.

And Megan's words to her teenage self? You'll have to listen to find out.

You can listen to Megan’s episode of I am. I have now, as well as Season One interviews with Emily Dean, Munroe Bergdorf, Martin Robinson, Ben Bidwell, Jo Love, Estee Lalonde, Laura Pradelska and others.

You can also read an extract from Megan's Happiful cover interview and subscribe online.

Megan’s book Body Positive Power: How to stop dieting, make peace with your body and live is available now.