Clinical Director of The London Practice, Lee Valls, talks about anger management and how counselling may help

Lee Valls, psychotherapist, broadcaster and Clinical Director of The London Practice, returns to our mental health podcast shorts I am. I have - How It Helps, to discuss anger management .

These episodes in the I am. I have series explain different challenges we may face and how therapy can help, as well as providing some thoughts on how we can help ourselves at times of heightened emotion.

Anger, Lee says, can often be caused by an underlying issue that an individual may not even realise has become a problem. During the conversation, Lee suggests that "Anger that has become an issue can be a secondary emotion to vulnerability, fear, loneliness or another problem."


Lee Valls

He continues "Think of anger like an iceberg. Therapy can explore what is happening below the surface. Therapy is about safely unpicking that and unravelling it with someone."

Lee’s advice on anger management

  • Other than suggesting therapy, if you are worried about somebody who seems to be experiencing anger issues, find the time to sit and listen to them.
  • Make sure that you have the conversation when the anger has dissipated.
  • Allow them to express themselves and give them time. Anger can often come through frustration.
  • Try to avoid accusatory language such as "you make me feel like this, you caused this..."
  • If you are the person who is struggling with anger, consider therapy but also take care of yourself. Sleep, find a positive outlet such as exercise and find someone you trust to speak with.
  • Don’t suffer alone.

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