If environmental anxiety grows when you think about the impact of your big day, there are simple steps to make your wedding more eco-conscious

Go paperless

A simple way to cut your carbon footprint, and potentially save money, is to go digital with your wedding communications – a temporary website to house all information for guests, and gather RSVPs, can make life a little more simple for you, and save on print and postage emissions.

Get vendors on board

You might want to choose suppliers based on their eco values, or have detailed discussions with them about adapting things to be more environmentally-friendly. Remember, sticking with local produce (flowers, food etc.) can be a big help, as well as discussing disposal/waste for afterwards – could leftover food be given to a local shelter?


Naturally, a destination wedding that requires flights for a large entourage is going to be less eco-friendly, while choosing a venue more local to the majority of your guests could minimise additional travel. Some venues are able to have the ceremony and reception all on site, which can save travelling between places during the day, or where this isn’t avoidable, could you encourage a carpool system for guests? I once went to a wedding with a double decker bus transporting attendees between destinations!

Sustainable favours

Something simple like packets of seeds can be a lovely long-term gift that keeps giving, as guests can be reminded of you and your special day when tending to the flower! Another option might be to make a charitable donation, or plant a tree for every guest.

Reuse and repurpose

From Facebook Marketplace to Still White, Depop, Ebay, Vinted, and good old charity shops, there are so many places where you can find pre-loved treasures to add a special touch to your day. You might pick up a wedding dress that’s only been worn for a few hours for a fraction of the price, or find pristine decor for your reception tables. Plus, opting to rent suits, bridesmaids dresses, or encouraging guests to rewear something from their wardrobe, can be a fun way to encourage everyone to get involved in your green purpose. They don’t say ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ for no reason!


And speaking of borrowed, could you wear an item of family jewellery with sentimental value rather than buying something for the big day? Or consider exploring sustainable diamonds, which are lab grown so you know the Earth wasn’t harmed with mining activities, and there is no risk of conflict trade in their creation.

Give back with gifts

Their company may be the only gift you desire, but friends and family often want to share their love with something special for you as well. But rather than a physical wishlist, you could suggest people make donations on your behalf to a list of charities that are close to your heart.

Organising a big life event is stressful enough, so just know that you aren’t expected to ‘do it all’. Even trying just a few of these ideas, or any other sustainable suggestions you come across, is a great start – know that every little bit helps