Assess your dreams and unlock your goals

We all have potential – abilities that can be developed, and which will lead to success in the future. There is always the possibility to achieve more in our lives, or to live a life in which we feel content.

Are you able to realise your potential? This may seem like a simple question but, often, there is so much taking place outside of our conscious awareness which can limit our thoughts and behaviour. So much so that we can, at times, self-sabotage, or go through life as if the brakes were on – impacting the chances of achieving our hopes and dreams for the future.

My work as a therapist and coach involves listening carefully, asking questions, and making observations from within a strong working alliance. My aim is that a client starts to process and understand their past from a new perspective, and so updates some of the key stored memories that influence their belief system.

Set out below are some simple questions that are designed to help you gain insight into yourself, by prompting you to better understand your future aspirations, as well as what hinders you – to facilitate your potential.


1. What is the essence of you?

Consider what is the core of who you are, your deep value system. This is not always easy to arrive at in one sitting! Gently hold an image or description of what brings you happiness and makes your heart sing, and see what emerges. Allow space and time to understand what you are naturally drawn towards.

2. What is it that you dream of becoming?

Really think about how you would like to be in the world. If you followed your passions and interests, then where would they take you? If you were to project who you might want to become in the future, what emerges in front of you?

3. What additional skills and knowledge do you need to achieve your aspirations?

This is a practical step where you can assess the results of questions one and two. See yourself as a learner in life, as this is an essential trait in an ever-changing world. So, if you have a future aspiration, then assess how will you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge.

4. How do you try to escape from your thoughts?

The other side to the coin of understanding your aspirations, is to consider how you might hold yourself back. Is there a critical inner voice that stops you from moving forward? Why is this present? Sometimes we are able to step away from these uncomfortable thoughts, and the feelings that they provoke, and ignore them by distracting ourselves – other times you may choose to work with a professional to help you to gain greater insight.

"We all have potential, at every stage of our life, and deserve the opportunity to realise it"

5. What are the patterns of behaviour in your life that either serve you well, or cause you problems?

There are numerous ways that we can either support our potential, or hinder ourselves. Supportive behaviour can often take the form of being connected with how we feel, and then responding to these feelings. While the ways we can block our potential include being busy all the time, and never fully engaging with how we are feeling.

6. Does the current way you live your life reflect your aspirations?

By looking back at your responses to questions one and two, consider how the way you are currently living your life supports your dreams. What needs to change?

These questions are really in the form of ideas to stimulate your thinking about what lies beneath the surface of your conscious awareness, so that you develop a deeper level of insight into yourself and your potential. We all have potential, at every stage of our life, and deserve the opportunity to realise it. Do not hold yourself back!

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