Following on from Mental Health Awareness Week, the kindness revolution continues with Happiful and Life Coach Directory hosting a free webinar with Life and Business Change Coach, Angela Cox

Life and Business Behavioural Change Coach Angela Cox will be sharing actionable advice on how to be kind to yourself, in the first of Happiful’s new free webinar series on Wednesday 27 May at 11am (UK).

Exploring themes of self-compassion, handling your inner critic and reframing automatic negativity, Angela will discuss how we can start being kinder to ourselves immediately and the positive impact that can have.

There’ll be a live Q&A after the free webinar and the opportunity to suggest future themes for discussions.

About Angela

Friend of Happiful and Life Coach Directory, Angela Cox is passionate about being a coach. She combines executive coaching, strategic thinking and transformation methodology with holistic therapies, neuroscience and life coaching, as she believes it’s the perfect blend of approaches to create lasting change in individuals.


Angela Cox

Angela is a proud Empath (it’s her ‘badass super-power’), she loves connecting with people and knows first hand what it feels like to struggle with shame, self-doubt, self-sabotage and fear of failure.

Angela feels that everyone has a story, and that her own adverse experiences put her in a great position to help others.

The webinar will be led by Happiful’s podcast host Lucy Donoughue.

Register here for your free place on The Kindest Thing To Do Right Now.