To mark World Suicide Prevention Day, men’s mental health charity Andy’s Man Club is touring the country, spreading the message that it’s OK to talk

With new figures released from the ONS earlier this week revealing that the rate of British suicide has risen to its highest levels in 16 years, it seems like no better time to spread the message that it’s OK to talk. And that’s exactly what Andy’s Man Club intends to do. Starting Saturday 7 September, the charity wants to make a moving statement - one that moves both emotionally and geographically.

More than 40 volunteers from the male support group, some of whom had once themselves been suicidal, will be setting off around the country in two tour buses. Both buses will start in Halifax on Saturday - where the group originated - with one heading around the North and the other heading South over the course of the weekend.

They will be spending time visiting all of their 22 club locations plus town and cities in between. The aim is to hand out goodie bags, leaflets and wristbands, as well as to raise awareness of the groups by having conversations on the streets.

Andy’s Man Club was established by Luke Ambler, following the death of his brother-in-law, Andy, who died by suicide in 2016. You can listen to Luke’s episode of I am. I have now to find out more about his approach to life and being the best person he can be.

Speaking to followers on social media, Luke shared the charity’s plan for the upcoming tour. “We want to continue to find that one man, that one man who needs help. That’s all we’ve ever been about. To see the size of the organisation now, being one of the top three suicide prevention charities in the UK, and we are still about that one guy. We’re still on a grass-root level.

“Each bus has got 20 guys who have all walked through the door in a dark place and become a facilitator or a trustee now, and it’s just absolutely phenomenal. What we want from you guys is to turn up at all the locations of where we’re going to be and to help out. The conversations that we start by being there with the big tour bus is for you to carry on.

“Too many people talk about ‘change ain’t happened’, but you can be part of that change. We’re doing our best to travel the UK in 48 hours and we need you. We need each town and location to help spread the word that it is OK to talk, let more guys know about our clubs so that they get the support they need. Let’s see you there.”

A full list of the tour stops can be found below. If you live in one of the locations listed, look out for the bus and go along to talk to the volunteers and show your support.

World Suicide Prevention Day takes place on Tuesday 10 September.

For more information and updates on the tour, keep an eye on Andy’s Man Club’s Facebook and Twitter. Or, for other locations and more information visit, Andy's Man Club.