Rose McGowan shares her thoughts on bravery, strength, and creativity, as well as her hopes for the future on Happiful’s podcast I am. I have

Rose McGowan, author, artist and activist, joines the line-up of people sharing their thoughts and experiences on Happiful and Counselling Directory’s podcast, I am. I have.

Following the publication of her book Brave in paperback and prior to her UK speaking tour, Rose opened up about the process of writing Brave, her experiences from childhood to the present day and how she believes we could all be a little better and make a big difference to the world.

Rose starts the conversation by sharing that she believes bravery is something that can be cultivated, though many people have it taken from them as children. Being brave she notes, is not being unafraid; "Being brave doesn’t mean that your knees aren’t knocking, but you do it anyway…"

Strength, is Rose’s second ‘I am’. Although, she says, strength doesn’t always go hand in hand with bravery. She believes that she is strong in her convictions and cultivates this by reviewing her fears and beliefs, assessing what is true and what has been implanted by society. “By making a fearlist it gives you a roadmap of where to lean in, and where to be better,” she says.

Her humour is next up for discussion, as Rose shares 'I am funny' and that she loves laughing, something that some people may not expect of her if they have only been presented with an image of Rose and her activism work. "You can be a million different things, and that’s what is beautiful about being human," she says in response to this. “I like being ridiculous at least two or three times a day…”

Rose tells us “I have creativity” and speaks of the importance of this to her. She has been developing her album, Planet 9 and hopes to play her first live set at the Fringe later this summer. She wants to get back to the visual arts and photography, after pausing on this. “I had to take a break in the last year and a half,” she says, "because I just had to fight every day.

“When you’re in active trauma, for me anyway, it wasn’t really a creative place, it was a ‘trying to survive’ place. But now I can get back to doing what I like to do, which is art.”

And if Rose were to meet her future self in ten years time, what does she hope she would be doing? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Brave is available now (HarperCollins, RRP £9.99).

Rose’s book tour continues at the Southbank Centre, London (4 May) and at The Lowry, Salford Quays (5 May). Follow Rose on instagram @rosemcgowan

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