Editor of The Book of Man Martin Robinson talks about men’s mental health, workplace wellness, fatherhood and The Festival of New Masculinity

Martin Robinson, Editor of The Book of Man, joins the line-up of guests who have shared their thoughts and passions on Happiful and Counselling Directory’s new mental health podcast I am. I have.

Martin, who previously wrote for NME and edited men’s magazine Shortlist, shares his thoughts and concerns around men’s mental health, how traditional beliefs around masculinity no longer serve men in today’s world, as well as the importance of having mental health champions in the workplace.

Moving from work to home, he shares his own experiences of fatherhood, the decisions he has made to enable him to strike a better work-life balance, spend time with his two children and the impact becoming a Dad had on him personally.

The podcast also explores new masculinity, a concept championed by The Book of Man and its many contributors, including Stephen Manderson, AKA Professor Green. Martin shares experiences from the events that have taken place so far during The Book of Man’s events series The Festival of New Masculinity and speaks about future events in the season, which will include The Penis Gallery, panel discussions around #MeToo, fatherhood and an exhibition of photographic work by Dean Chalkley.

Continuing to share personal as well as professional insights, Martin explores his own experience of depression from his teenage years, into and throughout adulthood and his reflections on coping methods, including drinking to boost his confidence and silence any feelings of unease.

And as for Martin’s advice to his younger self with the benefit of hindsight? "Get a good haircut, don’t dress like that… and it’s going to be alright."

You can listen to Martin’s episode of I am. I have now, as well as interviews with Munroe Bergdorf, Ben Bidwell, Estee Lalonde, Jo Love and and psychotherapist Lee Valls.

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