Creator of the Mind Detox meditation app and highly acclaimed clinical hypnotherapist Fiona Lamb shares the benefits of meditation on Happiful’s podcast I am. I have - How It Helps

Fiona Lamb has previously shared her thoughts on hypnotherapy for sleeping with I am. I have listeners - and now she’s joining the Happiful team again, to explore the benefits of meditation and taking time out for yourself.

Meditation, Fiona says; “has completely changed my life.” She’s now keen to get more people meditating and has created a new app - Mind Detox.

The idea for the app came from her clients, and wanting to give them tools for reflection and creating their own headspace outside of sessions with her. However, the idea grew and the app now offers meditations for panic attacks, positivity and calm.

Going deeper into the subject of meditation, Fiona explains that there are a number of brain states - beta (every day brain state - normal waking activity and automatic activity takes place), alpha (being restful and present), theta (where hypnotherapy and meditation takes place) and delta (sleeping state). ‌‌

Meditation allows you to use your imagination for you instead of against you

Theta is the state Fiona wants us to concentrate on because; “When we’re in theta state, we can work with our imagination - if we have any thoughts, any anxieties, any fears, they are only based in our imagination.‌‌

“In hypnotherapy with clients, I work in theta state, but also you can access it at home, on your own, if you go into a meditation. It's the same mindset or the same brain state used in meditation and hypnotherapy to access your unconscious mind. ‌‌

“You don't have to be unconscious to do that!” Fiona explains. “I think that's the biggest self-limiting belief people have about making changes unconsciously, is they have to be in an unconscious state. You don't, you just need to be in that theta state.”

Fiona is passionate about meditation and the positive impact it can have - and believes that it’s something everyone can benefit from. “Meditation allows you to take a step back. I learn so much from my clients, one of them said to me, ‘I'm a lot less reactive’. I think it does make you a lot less reactive to things.

“In life, when you take a step back it allows you to take control of your thoughts rather than thinking things are bigger than you and believing that your experiences are overwhelming. Meditation allows you to use your imagination for you instead of against you.”

Explaining that she now prioritises meditation every day, Fiona insists that everyone can incorporate a little in their lives - even on their daily commute.

“Put something calming on, something relaxing, and just try just to give yourself permission to not have to analyse, evaluate, judge or control anything at all.  Say to yourself 'There's nothing to plan. There's no one to please,' and just allow yourself to be in the moment.”

And doing a body check can be helpful too. “Be mindful of where you're holding tension in your body - is it your jaw, your shoulder, your stomach? If you're on a commute and you're stressed, I guess noticing if you're holding any physical tension in your body and just allowing your body just to relax a little bit and breathe... breathe...breathe.

“We all forget about this free built in relaxation system we have - breathing.”  

You can find out more about Fiona on Hypnotherapy Directory. Listen to her podcast on meditation and check out her brilliant new Mind Detox app.