Anna Richardson joins Happiful's podcast to talk about sharing stories to eradicate shame, the joy of Queenager-hood and her new podcast It Can't Just Be Me

Anna Richardson is exactly the person I’d want to turn to if I had a concern that I was embarrassed or confused about. She has a warm and direct approach to a myriad of subject matters that many people shy away from on a daily basis, from body acceptance to managing mental health in menopause and beyond.

This is what makes her the perfect host for the upcoming podcast It Can’t Just Be Me in which no topic is off limits, because as she asserts on Happiful’s own podcast, I am. I have, speaking about our worries and secrets with others can help to eradicate shame and stigma.

“It feels like the apex of everything I’ve been working towards,” she says, referring to her newest audio venture, in partnership with Mags Creative and Podimo UK. “It’s essentially an advice show where we invite listeners to contact us with their dilemmas, and myself, a psychotherapist, and a celebrity guest who has experienced something similar, dish out advice. But in doing so, it kind of helps us too, and the conversation becomes almost like a confessional. It’s just so lovely, I’m really enjoying it.”

It’s evident that Anna is committed to continually finding new, accessible, and heart-led ways to communicate about the good, the bad, the difficult, and the seemingly embarrassing aspects of our lives. She is, in her own words, deeply curious, and always ready to learn and share with others. Outside of her broadcast career, she’s also trained as a cognitive hypnotherapist, and invests a significant amount of time exploring spirituality and self-development too.

On her episode of I am. I have Anna opens up about life’s transitional moments, the joy of being a Queenager, and the transformational power of therapy.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll hear…

Anna on…

Embracing Queenager-hood

“Queenager is such a brilliant word, and it’s such an interesting time in a woman’s life. When you’re a teenager your periods start, and when you’re a Queenager, they stop. Embracing this means being able to say 'F!%k it!’ I’m older, I know what I’m about, I know what my values and beliefs are, and I’m unafraid of being that person'

“There’s something wonderful about being a woman – a strong opinionated woman who knows what makes her happy.”

The power of therapy

“I quite like confronting therapy. I’ve had the same psychotherapist for a number of years and she’s seen me through various different life transitions. What I love about her is that she’s unafraid to challenge me, and let me know when a pattern of behaviour is out of order, whether my judgemental thinking needs to be checked, or indeed if I’m being hard on myself. I prefer that kind of psychotherapy.”

Addressing anger

“I find anger really interesting. We are very ashamed of anger, I think certainly in this country and within our culture. We’re told, especially as women, that we are not to be angry.”

Anger is a prompting, motivating emotion. Anger brings change in life

“Anger is a natural emotion! Anger is a normal emotion and as long as it's not harming other people or getting out of hand, it can be incredibly healthy and it also elicits change. Anger is a prompting, motivating emotion. Anger brings change in life.”


“Ever since I was very small I felt connected to a higher power. I’m aware that we are more than we think we are on this earth and I think that I’ve seen ghosts.

“Recently I’ve started working with a Shaman and it’s all about this idea of energy, the fact we can change, we can transform energy for the better. I’ve done various shamanic rituals that have been quite transformational. So I’m curious, I have a need to be spiritually connected and I will go off into my own little space and just converse with the angels, for want of a better phrase. I’m very interested in the divine and the spiritual.”

Next steps...

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A full interview with Anna will be in issue 76 of Happiful Magazine.