Yvette Taylor, creator of the Energy Alignment Method, shares nine affirmations and release statements to make the most of our spiritual practice

Do you ever dream of a day when your spiritual practices work out? When all the affirmations, visualisation, journaling, drumming, tapping, praying and shouting out loud, finally turn into your everyday reality? The thing is, manifestation isn’t just about studying the Law of Attraction. For your spiritual practices to work, you need to get ‘in the flow’.

You’ve likely heard this before, but how do you get in the flow? After all, flow isn’t something you do just once, it’s a daily practice that gathers momentum over time. The more in flow you get, the easier it becomes.

What is flow?

Flow is those moments when you feel in tune with life, and everything seems effortless and easy. Flow is a physiologically measurable energetic state within your body; it influences and creates every aspect of our lives. When you find flow, stress disappears and your body heals. With flow, you feel more positive, motivated and generally, can better handle life’s challenges.

In order to manifest successfully, we need to achieve flow. And this can take time, as many spiritual methods are missing a key element. They either look at the positive and ignore, hide or push down the thoughts, beliefs, or emotions that contradict what you feel, or they focus on letting go of what is there without reprogramming the positive aspects of what you want to create, think or feel instead.

The magic lies in bringing the two together. They are the Yin and Yang of transformation, for neither can work successfully without the other.

First, we let go of what holds us back. This step is to ‘transform’, ensuring nothing in our energy field contradicts your request in the affirmation. Once we have achieved this, we can freely manifest and allow our affirmations to work.

Whether it’s a new belief, emotion or experience, try the statements below.

Begin with the transformation statement first, then follow up with the corresponding manifesting statement. Repeat each at least three times out loud. Remember, it’s the Yin and Yang that work, so use them together.

Transform statement:
[insert a statement from the list below]. I release this from my energy in all forms, on all levels, and at all points in time.’

Manifest statement:
‘[insert the corresponding statement from the list below]. I allow this into my energy in all forms, on all levels, at all points in time.’

Self-sabotage and procrastination

One of the biggest things which can hold us back from life is - us! By releasing self-sabotage you can create new patterns that serve you.

  • Transform: I am ready to release all patterns of self-sabotage and procrastination, which prevent me from changing my life.
  • Manifest: I am ready to change my life. I commit to myself, knowing only I can create these changes in my life.

Feeling trapped

So often in life, we feel or believe circumstances, people or life events trap us. What would happen in your life when you are free?

  • Transform: I am ready to release the feeling of being trapped and unable to escape these situations which hold me down.
  • Manifest: I am grounded, I am free to be, do, have, think and feel what is best for me. I trust everything is always working out for me.

Loving your body

Our beautiful, amazing bodies are what we define as ‘us’. Yet often we talk down to it, think badly of it or notice the bits which are wobblier than we may like. This simple process may help you fall back in love with yourself.

  • Transform: I am ready to release my negative thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and emotions that stop me from loving my body.
  • Manifest: I am abundantly grateful for my beautiful body. I love my body, and my body loves me.

Feeling unsupported

With all that we have to juggle in life, no one can do it alone. We all have multiple roles to fulfil, where can we open up to receiving mental, emotional, physical and spiritual support?

  • Transform: I am ready to release the beliefs and patterns which leave me feeling unsupported, doing everything for everyone in the house/work/life etc.
  • Manifest: I am grateful for all the support I have available to me, how easily support arrives from unexpected places.

Rescuing other people

How much time in your life do you spend attempting to ‘fix’ other people’s drama or issues, leaving yourself no time or energy to move forwards or create a life for yourself? If this rings a bell, try this power combo below.

  • Transform: I am ready to release the need to fix other people, their issues, feelings and emotions.
  • Manifest: I am ready to allow others around me to be responsible for their own lives as I stay fully responsible for myself, my direction and my future.

Wanting more fun in life

We all have an inner child who wants to come out and play. Often, we’ve simply forgotten how to. So, try this to release any self-imposed limits.

  • Transform: I am ready to release anything which stops me from having fun in my life or makes me scared to act without inhibition.
  • Manifest: I am open to having more fun, joy, laughter and amazing experiences on my own, with my family and friends. I love enjoying life.

Allowing in more money

I’m sure that money will have been one of the topics you’ve tried affirmations with before. It’s such a vast topic to explore; try this.

  • Transform: I am ready to release any beliefs, thoughts or patterns that I never have enough money in my life.
  • Manifest: I am always attracting more money, wealth and opportunities to me. There is an infinite abundance of money flowing to me every day.


Finding your life purpose

What am I here for? A big question we hear often. Doing something meaningful with our lives is one of the highest priorities for many, yet getting clear about what it is can be the hardest part.

  • Transform: I am ready to release anything which stands in the way of me finding my purpose, or getting clear what I am here to do in life.
  • Manifest: I believe that I am here to make a difference, to loving what I do and making money while I do it.

Making a difference in the world

What if everyone was living their life purpose? What a world that will be to live in! Let’s align to doing that for ourselves.

  • Transform: I am ready to release anything which prevents me from believing I am here to make a difference, to loving what I do and making money while I do it.
  • Manifest: I am open to trusting and honouring my talents. I love making my impact in the world with ease and flow.

Yvette Taylor is the founder of The Energy Alignment Method. Her book, The Energy Alignment Method, is available now (Welbeck Balance, £14.99).

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