A kind gesture can go a long way, so here are four simple ways you can make a loved one feel appreciated

Now we’re cookin’!

Whether it’s an old family recipe, or experimenting with something new, mixing it up in the kitchen can be a wonderful way to show someone you’re thinking about them. Why not surprise a friend or family member by leaving a delicious pre-made dish on their doorstep, or drop off ingredients for their favourite meal and do a virtual cook-along? Sounds like the recipe for success!


Do your homework

We all have our own personal pursuits, but how much do you really know about your loved ones’ favourite things? Getting out of your comfort zone and learning about what makes your friends, family members, or partner tick can provide a great way to connect – and show them how much they mean to you.

Learning the rules of a sport they’re passionate about will mean that the next time they invite you to a game you can impress them with your observations. Or brushing up on the back story to their favourite show could let you engage in a fun debate. You could even read one of their favourite books to surprise them with your own thoughts.

Lend a helping hand

Have you ever had that one task on your to-do list that just never gets ticked off? Don’t worry, we’re all guilty of putting things off from time to time, whether it’s just a tedious job, or something that induces anxiety. But think how much you’d appreciate it if someone helped you tackle those dreaded chores?

Listen out for when someone in your household reveals a task they’ve been avoiding, and offer to help out. Maybe they want to upcycle a wardrobe, or organise the overflowing shed. An extra set of hands could make the chore much more appealing – that little boost of encouragement and some good company will go a long way!

Call me, maybe

Nowadays, we might be more familiar with using our mobiles to online shop, read articles, or scroll through social media. But, funnily enough, they do have a few other useful features, too. A simple, but meaningful way to remind someone that they are in your thoughts is to give them a call.

Receiving an unexpected call or message from a friend can be a really wonderful way to start or finish a day. You don’t need a rigid purpose for a chat, simply hearing your voice could help to reduce any stress or anxiety they’re feeling.